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of the red cells while the minimal resistance was lessened. In other

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age. In 4 cases the children were syphilitic and in most instances there

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ly of light bland diet observing the injunctions laid

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troops was the highest it being 36.43 the Filipinos stood second

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latter is better practice than leaving it simply protruding and undivided

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Between the Extensive Use of Alcoholic Drinks and the Con

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of their respective offices in large doses it evacuates and exhausts the

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the medicine. Every ten grains of Dover s powder contain one

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peculiar to the seasons when the heat is greatest. It is perfectly true

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in some cases third generations from the original gelatin cul

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Effect on weight 40 increased 11 unchanged 4 decreased 12

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necessary were maintained. A base hospital was established at

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belli ercB Apiacece lndley and to the Linnaean class and order

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of which we can trace with tlie accuracy of a scientific experiment. It

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of infantile spinal paralysis from which the author

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sacculated distentions and calls the uniform dilatations the

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ered with the fingers. They are dried by spreading them in

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