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purchase right vis a vis purchasers other than depositors. Note that OTS rules
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Brownell, Gilbert S. (03886), maj. Inf. (C. & G. S. Sch.),
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tDoig, Arthur II. (02546), maj. Ret., 5603 Washington
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Kidwell. John P. (016229), 2d It. (Inf.) A. C, Scott
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and establishment of the laws by which those phenomena
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Stecker, Hubert A. (09386), capt. Q. M. C, Ft. Bragg,
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At the present time, there are about one hundred well-authenti-
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upon a cathartic, it should be allowed as usual, but an active
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appears to us, no reasonable objection, to the Allopathist making
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its high left bank, with, opposite, the advanced dressing station
writing a essay for ged
ready revealed to the members of the College of Physi<*
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desirous of propagating knowledge, instructed the men as to the
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Hyde, Earl A. (07883), capt. F. A. (Arty. Group Sev-
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mailbags, &c., and, at a pinch, patients even, we used A.T. carts,
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notions as unsatisfactory, they purge to rouse tiie bowels, and by sym-
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smallpox is always severe, and the records show that up to fifteen
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3 miles from Rockaway Park, L. I.; P. 0., Ft. Tilden,
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was difficult; in the patient whose history is here recorded the
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Collier, James V. (015474), 1st It. F. A. (F. A. Sch.), Ft.
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tWeaver, William K., jr. (06192), capt. Ret., 1209 Court
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The Relief Post and No. 3 Road Dressinof Station were to
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This patient received a total of 98,000 units of antitoxin.
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As to my father kicking the dog, he would not kick any animal.
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gangrene and with injuries, especially those involving bones.
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allows the elbow to be conveniently flexed. A pillow under the
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Harrell, Howell (011329), 1st It. Inf. (R. O. T. C),
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exudative meningitis, accompanied by severe headaches and
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the. hearing world. In the past the education of the deaf and
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logical relations, details its symptomatology and mode of recog-
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