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shire which for the purpose of raising the Welsh Army

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wrist renders the diagnosis more certain. If a skiagram

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any food enters and for this reason one must remove

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already wounded sensibility to increase the sense of degradation and

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down more of the starch has been chemically altered by the

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contracture does not relax under the most profound anaesthesia. The

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pictures are more readily explained by the assumption that

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which the left kidney lay immediately in front of the

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with the least trouble to keep a register showing the source of lymph

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continue. In the name of law it lawlessly turns back upon

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the patient. Severe cases of typhoid run. after vac

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learning the nature of the disease. If the evidence

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to the relation between the cranial capacity and the size of

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and use them to substantiate the apparent testimony of

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practice has been specially successful in the hands of the pro

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remains protected by pia arachnoid. When the scalp has become broken

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give relief of all the symptoms but produce a complete cure.

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the pedagogic standard that already exists for other

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Even in cases in which the gums are fungous swollen and bleeding

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made with the sulphide of ethyl upon the lower animals in order

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ever. I decline to accept this statement in the face of the fact

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correcting the circulating fluids and improving the general

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of the epithelial element the greater the X ssibility

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Persistence of the Notochord in the Human Subject. Mus

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of service in curing this disease depending on whether the paralysis be

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