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Decadron Generico


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sediment rare hyaline cast. Phthalein output in two hours 40 per cent.

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decadron generico

The article discusses the treatment of wounds if more than

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found up to the present time Anopheles indiensis Theo.

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tients described as secreting coloured sweat were phthisical. Variations

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have already been promised and it is hoped that the remainder

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cussion than any other organ of the body. It is a peripheral mechanism

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The fevers which have been included under this heading with the

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the left side and on examining her throat I found both

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tains a review from the pen of Prof. Cadeac which at the present

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There was evident effusion within tlie joint and pain was elicited

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blood was invariably found. In the often prevents or even cures colloid

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counts gave an average of only 14 worms per individual. A com

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on the portal vein two on the vena cava. The portal

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