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Examination of Sick Children in addition to a series of clinics upon

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to its execution. If we assume the author s standpoint we are bound

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When the asphyxia is produced by inhaling carbonic acid choke

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plants water is employed as a vehicle to convey the nutrient element

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exceedingly vitiated requires more especial attention to the stomach

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with quite distinctive pathological features especially observable micro

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Treatment. The antidotes are albumen flour and milk as in the

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now a very common practice for school medical officers to ask the

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its medicinal employment. Its principal preparations are the hydrio

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gi avation of the symptoms called sinking or a complete subsidence of

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the back of the neck along the spine hips and shoulders in chronic

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ordinary micrococcus catarrhalis known to be associated with

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Patients should always drink to the extent of thirst but for a general

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natives of Hindostan. The European surgeons have been surprised

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and turned very pale. She also suffered from menorrhagia and

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only the statistics of reliable operators. No operator without a

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headache hut did not vomit. Antistreptococcic serum w us injected subcu

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of Children the Inspection of School Children Dermatology Clinics

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vessels remain and the result is in the author s opinion the production

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rheumatoid and in their bulletins in which are given the most

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knowledge and thirdly because there are other means by which

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what similar to but less marked than those seen in dogs neith r

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provided it be powerful enough to produce a decided sedative influence

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He found that in the majority of abdominal operations the adrenalin

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it was previously on four times the quantity. The diminution of quan

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ingestion of food. Pallor and secretion of mucus are caused by

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from three to twelve years there were eleven cases of which six

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her organs are as naturally adaptsd for the purpose. In a state of

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that sewage does not readily part with its organisms to the air cannot

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Btands in the same relation to the human stomach. Next in the order

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dition of the body for nothing else will insure so constant regular

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was retention of urine and catheterisation was needed.

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remain open and are fixed intently upon some object but usually no

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heart from the left auricle it passes into the left ventricle and from

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npplied as there is usually considerable inflammation.

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publicity to a study in animal pathology he had just began but it

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Sanatory Ikferences. The inferences deducible from the fore

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who has made in the last few years his mark and taken rank

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whose vocation requires the utmost freedom from all restraint in the

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an attack of rheumatic fever about a year previously from which

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but the authors assume that the reader has had previous training and

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was it for the human race when medicine was elevated to the dignity

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different organism which must not be confounded with this strict

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a sympathetic judge or a jury and no amount of medical evidence

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muscles of locomotion seems to be established from experiments on

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not dwell upon tne impropriety of raising a sophism upon this fact.

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