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tient during tlie first three days of ilhiess. Here

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tends that in this affection the secretion of the thyroid is exag

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are brought into the mouth. Bismuth and carbonate of soda sometimes

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Although no such contribution to localization as that of

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The brown colour of the skin was also very evident over the whole

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wide. They are strongly braced together by wooden stays three

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mittees will appreciate the necessity of taking appropriate

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teeth much faster than would often be the case so active a

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instructions for capturing and preserving fleas. A general biblio

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ported by thirty different writers rupture of the body

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the nearer the temperature is to that of the blood 4

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and lays special emphasis on the feeling of exhaustion.

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must be enjoined. The food taken should consist of boiled milk a

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plays some part in setting up the tendency to haemorrhage in this disease

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