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mistakes Lancets and leeches have no business in the lying in cham

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Cope said that one of the most remarkable features of an

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moluis. or grinding. Each lateral half of each jaw reckoning from the

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A hard pulso offers nearly as great resistance at first as a strong

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As is well known most of the forms of conjunctival inflammation

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histological examination of the lining membrane that the inflam

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discover no decided evidence of suppuration although I felt sure it

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right side causing acute symptoms resembling appendicitis left side

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bath to restore the natural sensibility of the mucous membrane and a

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Recent Cases. Of the eight recent cases two were pneumococcal

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at this early stage it can be safely predicted that the Act will

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the life of its victim. Such being your purpose we cannot but

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exceedingly heavy oppressed and even apoplectic the whole nervous

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into the angle of the mouth which it draws inward and upward. 5.

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I ill voicing a large section of Scottish opinion did much to

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Treatment. The protruded portion of bowel can generally be re

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intimate relation with students has enabled me to become well

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of very cold water. The patient should commence walking or increase

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cesses Why cool the hot stage of a fever with cold bathing and

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bound down by a mass of inflammatory deposit in the left iliac

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Hemeralopia. Day blindness. A peculiar sensibility of the re

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Peyer in the jejunum and ilium which are supposed to secrete the

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gresses its true nature becomes revealed by the difficulty of swallow

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wound the patient stopped breathing became cyanosed and remained

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which by union with half an equivalent of oxygen is converted into

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many of the small rural district councils are entirely made up of

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colon is divided into transverse ascending and descending and in the

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The popliteal nerve passes down externally to the vein and artery

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of a course of lectures on elementary physiology. It should be

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large opening in the facial wall and either left untouched or

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