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into the angle of the mouth which it draws inward and upward. 5.

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affection can generally be removed by the appropriate remedies to re

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ness costiveness vomiting coma frequently convulsions and some

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in the substance of the lungs and a very few examples arc recorded

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Medical inspection in Britain we must remember did not begin iu the

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In giving our opinion on such cases it appears to me that the

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not occupied with accounts of athletics they might be reading

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recorded in the literature would lead us to suppose and as Kies

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the galenical preparations contain considerable amounts of the

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duced into healthy flocks. Germs generally are spread through

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or vomiting. His liveliest memories cling around events occurring at

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and the pancreatic juice in the duodenum still further elaborated in its

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of the linea aspera. 6. Adductor magnus a broad triangular muscle

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is composed of four layers the external being the white membrane or

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On 10th August he was discharged with instructions to wear the

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are not popular in universities. But we hope that the proposals will be

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diseases under old school practice but I have never known nor beard

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Philadelphia after a life long experience in witnessing the effects of

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auricular in origin tliere being a well marked A wave. On the

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dressing required is the adhesive strap and bandage the patient must

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sutures does not necessarily cause trouble if only they be allowed to

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Structure of Veins. Like the arteries the veins have three

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tissues become resistant to that multiplying plant life which either

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lation of the cardiac nerves be ascertained. In dealing with the

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again returned in October 1902 with a similar condition only more

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disturbance whereas removal of the anterior lobe alone is equivalent

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Once this condition of the blood is diagnosed or even suspected

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Chemists find a very small quantity in the blood corpiscles and hair

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Arguing from the basis that malignant tumours are microbic in

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