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sutured. During the operation the blood is shut off by clamps on
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selves as valuable aids in the treatment of threaten
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Fungus globules such as are found in croup and ordinary micrococci occur
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but not always contracted in deep anesthesia. The so
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Tumors These are hard swellings which make their appearance
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of the hind limbs. Supporting the abdomen seemed grateful to the
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is applied. The blood is drawn to it by the suction
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ing all the time so that friends who came in thought
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mation and tertiary Syphilis. In twenty five per cent solution
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lower portion after a fracture which is practically
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national mental force in medicine so long as we attempt
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the pains might be of good quality yet the membranes did
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raised the back rounded and sweating i rofu8eIy. There is a dusky
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Congenital Pyloric Stenosis. Sutherland s paper deals with
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appearances Queensland and even its territories extending right
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to abscess formation or fatal hemorrhage. In some cases the
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pathogenic germs through the mouth into the system is
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oil. rroton oil rhubarb rhubarb and magnesia compound rhubarb ills

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