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confluent; the reaction time in answering questions is much prolonged;

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The statements which have just been made regarding the

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I have almost as little doubt that an acute or chronic malady,

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good health at the time of vaccination. The affection

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These facts explain how it is that the itch, though readily com-

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On palpation the skin appeared normal. The muscles were very flabby

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growing rapidly in popularity. 6 The excellence of the

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Peck, Mead, Korthrop, Pond, and Atwood, the old cicatrix was

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cord, on which depend the permanent paralysis and atrophy of groups of

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For purposes of study, 15 candidates were selected from the Sur-

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beans, or lentils were served out. On reaching the port of

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been the first cause of this swelling 5 on the con-

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(Board eligible or Board certified) to practice with 5-

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Bachelor of Medicine only, he shall not, on admission thereto,

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incompetent guardians of the rising generation under their

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intention are those connected with the practice of subcu-

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Leaving- the consideration of the necessity and choice of

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Voice. The singing voice improved by nasal treatment, Spear, E.

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if any nourishment was taken, faecal vomiting ensued. The pulse

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moderate ; the pulse is frequent, but soon ?the tongue, we could see the erect epiglottis

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as detailed in Dr. Pa^jHpcount of the " spurious peripneumonic form " of the disease,

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from the dissociation in this case the heart appeared normal. The

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America. With regard to Great Britain, and especially London, it

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When it reached the right lobe of the liver it turned downward, became the

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hydrophobia, have been dwelt on. Eheumatic stiShess of jaws and

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As stated the results of this experiment practically demonstrate

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ment, detached in all probability from the posterior part of the iris, were depo-

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albuminous in all the cases in which this was tested.

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within twenty-four, or even within -twelve, hours from the first

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and they tell you that they taste the blood in their mouths before

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twenty-tw o cases in a month and only five deaths certainly

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/* Can't seem to get rid of that high point. Better contract around the

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it is the frequency of the articular type that gives a more uniform char-

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blood of some fission forms, the fever is not produced, or there is

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of emphysema and bronchitis, but of no condition which coula have caused a dislocation

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say that superior maxillary processes of first branchial

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we have as yet no pathological data for their study.

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Dr. Cranny, in the absence of Dr. Johnston, who had been called

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