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course of the tumor cutting through the successive layers described

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enormous. Thomas after a lifetime of suH ering excitement specula

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Symptoms. The precursive signs which however do not always

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the vessels in the diseased parts to their normal activity the resump

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is due to severe milk injury fat is especially toxic. If an intoxicated

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Female Authors and Practitioners. Soon after the institution

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veloping to promote perspiration. Probably the preferable processes

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should pass round the body when it can be worn without unpleasant

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in no place could the experiment have been made with more promise

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of the pomum adami to the lower border of the cricoid cartilage. The

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and claviculares two or three large branches distributed to the integu

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metal produce effects on the human system hardly distinguishable from

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this course are Medical Anatomy the Medical and Surgical Affections

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whose physiological habits especially in the matter of eatingand drinking

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character the affection taking the second eye within a few hours of

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principal cause of the increasing number of still born children. Now

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are unable to perform their functions properly and so weak as to be

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to bring about lasting benefit that is permanent cure in possibly

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tenable and that fozvl diphtheria is never caused by the human

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ally studded with small miliary vesicles. About the fifth day the rash

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there the medical part of the management could be vastly improved.

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trachea. Its diameter must not be more than two thirds of the

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marked symptoms and noted that there was no tendency towards

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Flexner s serum until meningococci could no longer be detected

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cloth wet in cold water applied to the part affected and covered with

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be neglected when there is a tendency to cold extremities. The most

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On September 30th was telephoned to call at my conveni

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isolated from the pus. In other cases we have found two or more

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see where fevers have been treated with the success that I have treat

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peritoneum and septum crurale. If the causes continue the intestine

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to our knowledge concerning the action of digitalis adopts the

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Pereira which except in not including gelatin agrees with the albu

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wheaten grits and sugar with uncooked apples wheat meal or Indian

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we disregard the effects of circulating toxins or of other disease

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tional treatment is more important than the local and both should be

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subject matter interesting and in many parts fascinating an art deplor

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periments in which I will resort to a mode of infection resem

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no loop gastro enterostomy. A small haematoma was formed by the

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the anxiety of the Board be appreciated but by those who have

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slie consulted a gynaecological specialist. Her last labour was

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He led a strenuous and useful life and having amassed a reasonable

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with certain mental symptoms the chief of these being interfer

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man nor for animals nor for vegetables than pure water and no

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