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perimented on thirty three dogs applying the same successful

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entertained. In the early stage of the dyspeptic variety the cough

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and if they failed craniotomy. The Ca3sarean operation was largely

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ning OF Voluntary Motions M. Carougeati What is the

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evidently depend on their purer quality and weaker strengtn as a

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of the old scar. She stated that she had remained well since the

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In 1881 Dr. Francis Williams of Boston published in the

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subscribing to the initial expenditure of this most interesting and

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It was expected that the stimulus of rivalry would bring out the

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such an arrangement we would have an officer visiting a school

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its favor. The amount of labor they are thus rendering to the

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the common practice of most of our physicians and still more of our

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allopathic practice has never been known and probably never will be

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of the State to do something in this matter. The rates cannot

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and natural corresponding to nutritive mental and excretory processes.

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morally aud intellectually eminent have been among the younger chil

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Water Drinking. The indiscriminate drinking of large quantities

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Sometimes though rarely it occurs twice in the same person.

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two days after its application but already the harm was done in

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should find employment for the large body of extra mural teachers

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poisoning from sewer gas but they do not perhaps sufficiently bear in

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modic stricture will usually disappear but if not the additional meas

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ous but scarcely better fortune. Nature never intended that constant

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may gain so much in virulence as to be capable of entering into

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Note. The lower border of the aponeurosis between the spines

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predisposition exists more particularly in the organ or part which is

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The treatment consisted of curettage repair of cervix and

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These increase gradually and almost imperceptibly until in a few

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the appearance in a middle aged person of such a symptom complex

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difficult and instrumental labour had had her uterus suspended by

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This is the third stage of the disease which might have also

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sunken and surrounded by a dark circle there is vomiting and purg

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on a flexor tendon and one also just above the styloid process of

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Lugaro s views on the subject of the hereditary transmission of

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the inner side of the femoral vein just below Poupart s ligament are

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Koin g records an instructive case in relation to this point. A

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the Church of Scotland and the United Free Church besides

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deadly poison may be composed of the same chemical elements the

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spinal cord postrrior spinal to the spinal cord inferior cerebellar to

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