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Cannabis farm found in Haltwhistle

cannabisThe Hadrian Enterprise Park in Haltwhistle was the recipient of a police visit on 16 February when acting on a tipoff a business unit was raided. A staggering 1,100 cannabis plants were found within the unit with a street value in excess of £200,000 as well as a variety of cultivation equipment and other paraphernalia.

It took a few days for the police to dismantle the operation due to the existence of asbestos and an electricity supply which was heavily overloaded for the heat lamps required to grow the cannabis. There were also a number of live wires throughout the building in what many saw as an amateurish attempt to break into the drugs industry in Northumberland. All of the plants in question have now been destroyed and while there have been no arrests so far, police are confident they will find the culprits and bring them to justice.

It is not clear exactly why Haltwhistle was used as a base for the cannabis farm and indeed it is not clear exactly how the police received their information. We can only hope that those who run the operation are found sooner rather than later and future ventures such as this are brought to a halt. Haltwhistle is no different from many rural locations across the UK with drugs now an integral part of society and police continuing to battle against the criminal fraternity. Whether this is a one-off cannabis farm or indeed it will lead to a whole string of similar operations remains to be seen but there is more to come from this particular story.

Some observers believe that the extreme amount of electricity required to run these particular operations will have at some point alerted the electricity company who may well have informed the police of their suspicions. However, at this point in time the people of Haltwhistle are only happy that the operation has been revealed and closed down.

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