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suction operation will be complicated by the admis-

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tions by the use of drainage-tubes, and finally aspiration, was

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murmurs will be studied in detail in connection with chronic valvu-

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would appeal' certain, that they form an organic tex-

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related to the Societe de Biologie a case in which a

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oftentimes unsuccessful and disappointing, to solve

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One of the most important of tho characteristics of

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will not all bear strict analysis, as in many instances the diagnosis

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years ago, taught it in his operative course on the

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benefit therefrom ; but most, if not all of them, suf-

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a case of septic endocarditis complicated by thrombus of the sinus

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flakes seen in the discharges from the bowels, their

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Sometimes characteristic bacteria may be found in the excretions,

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seen accident in the operating-theatre dismayed his

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heart, neither to be mended, stopped, nor subdued ?

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made a breach in his labom-s, or impau-ed the energy


ing still or is beating more frequently or severely. The skin is cool

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on the drilling of our corps ; and, by diligently study-

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Therapeutics — the treatment of disease — naturally

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