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acetyl paramidophenol. It produces no heart depression nor any other nntoward

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decade would certainly seem sufficient for the light to penetrate

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soLlhcrncrs are living in an extxcniuly confined space in high liouscs in

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of the tongue except the tip was involved by a hard

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bination of preexisting nephritis and threatened eclampsia not so

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early stages of the pleuropneumonic process the pleuritis is probably of

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ternal administration of mercury is not advisable in

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the throat and the larynx. The pupils are usually dilated and fixed

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the terrible experience in the Spanish American war among

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well. The sensation is lost but there may at first be hyperesthesia. The

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discharge. Thus if a person who has never had any rheumatic symptoms is

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the same purpose in view. The majority of these meas

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and equipment tables makes it difficult to k ep the work of the

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question cannot be at present answered as there is not yet sufficient

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dition is made worse instead of benefitted. The treatment also

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paign let some one get Herms Malaria and read how some California

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pain caused by the removal of the coloured material as occurred in a

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doctors profess to extract from the human body foreign


or its tincture is used in delirium tremens and watchfulness in connection

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kindly and without complications the patient leaving the hos

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five minutes. Filter through a small paper 9 to 11 cm.

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stillborn or that dies a few weeks after birth it may bo

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servers. Its limitations are obvious from a consid

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