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aged ten and Henoch has referred to one case occurring in a child

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children rei uire surgical treatment for tonsils and adenoids

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Mallf showed by digesting frozen sections of various organs

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vagina in such m.inner as to repe.iteilly penetrate the

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Deaths. Reports from fifty eight cities towns Tillages and sanitary dis

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personal observations in Wyoming and in view of suggestions pre

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pour avoir a ce jn on lit dofait son iMifant..Mais aussitot

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ram. He states thnt he has frequently gone for three months without

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Only mild forms of the trouble did well on the seashore and then

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when cold add one ounce of tincture of gum myrrh and one

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and rigid. In most cases both conditions are found

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pelled with the urine. Vrnicnvnginal fistula may occur from childbirth

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sensations which often enough cannot be described exactly in some

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speak of a point made by Doctor Weidner and later emphasized by Doctor

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careful antisyphilitic treatment. However general paralysis offers but

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