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duodenostomy was performed. Recovery took place in all the cases.

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size of a raspberry which they somewhat resemble some of the

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its abnormal contraction a good and not an evil result.

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The authors mortality in myoma operations from 1889 to 1st July

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found and no signs of one having been ruptuied. The vagina was

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fluid and having a nerve spread out upon it the membrana tympani

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immediate operation are apt to arise in the course of treatment. The

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of a condition well known in veterinary pathology as botryomycosis.

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rious. This variety of dislocation is extremely rare.

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quently rouses itself for a time takes food and especially water

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account for persistent rise in pressure since in nearly half the cases

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valves 18 prevent the blood passing from the pulmonary artery to

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showed that there was degeneration limited to the facial nucleus. The

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joint pain. In some cases the lessened density occurs only at the

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The chapter on Paranoia is excellent. It is perhaps the best

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for that man must be ignorant of human nature who does not know

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or 104 F. her tongue was coated and her breath foul she refused

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rupted by the most lascivious dreams with imperfect erections show

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We have no knowledge that iEsculapius. or his immediate successors

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investigation of the history of the patient from the first appearance

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followed b trouble in child bearing. In cases with adhesions the field

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that the stimulus it has given to the exact clinical study of the

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extended forwards into the internal capsule M hich ould account for the

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Time does not permit me to quote statistics and o inions

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I rofessor H. Krause s clinique in Berlin some four years ago that

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which had been removed by operation from a gelding aged about

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in a series of observations has endeavoured to clear up its mode of

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treatment of trichophytosis either of the hairy or non hairy parts. It

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In structure this body is composed of a dense aggregation of minute

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thereby endangered. The most suitable treatment consists in keep

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utes everything is again normal all the spasms have disap

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reveal the expected actinomycotic fungus and this was reported

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Champetier bag was used to dilate the cervix. The third patient also

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of the principal training schools has joined it. This should hardly

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that the effect of drugs on the blood pressure is almost nil. I

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ness and was not troubled with dizziness. On examination of the

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were no uterine contractions. Her mother said she was at term.

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ore adapted to the digestive organs of man and other frugivorous ani

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of the progression adopted by a boy with multiple tuberculous

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more marked when given intravenously. They advise its use in

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Dr. Taylor was a pupil of the Cliaring Cross School in London and

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or mal assimilation of the bony structure does not very well express

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pulse 116 small and feeble and the respirations 24 shallow and

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