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The medical profession of Great Britain is still con

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of college life which at one time were detrimental are chang

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ment is for a microscopic examination in the course of the operation.

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vations et surtout des babitudes alcooliques il faut faire une mention speciale des

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the latter with a fibrous yellowish white root and an erect

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tion from small pox and entire immunity from fatal attacks of that

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The plantar fascia is put on the stretch the tense bands

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recurrent mastoiditis for which a radical mastoid opera

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air the fevered breath of enthusiastic ignorance. To

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rice occupied an important place in the history. In turn workers

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dulness persistent small and vjeak pulse but no heart murmur.

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diuresis being suppressed by the salicylate. Caffeine produced

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years probably antedating the specific infection. In the other patient no

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of total physiological transections of the cord. Among the conclusions

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The following is the famous 15rown St quard mixture which if taken

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sphere for the inculcation of proper hygienic prin

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