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opaque patches of thickening. Its cut surface is generally smooth shining

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great predominance of alkali prevents the lard from becoming rancid and so

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of the sore that would follow the similar treatment of any simple

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creased area the e.vtension being downward and to the left. The whole

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evening showed no signs of weariness ilany people have feet

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einer Amputation des Obersebenkels wobei die Durch

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bits in the adult. But unlike eczema it is usually quite amenable to

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vantage as a substitute for either of the other articles or

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sary to remove the hospital from Corinthian and Fair

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men than in women and our patient is rather above the age at

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amination will not often result in a mistaken diagnosis.

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attached extremity is blunt a fold of peritoneum sur

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clinic. It is a very large building quite new being finished

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Illustrated with engravings and plates pages. Published

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further outward between the styloid process of the radius and the

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pfeijferi the question arises whether it may be possible that the wide

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well as prophylaxis. True morality he held should pro

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ease if we do not think of disturbed metabolism be

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and most cherished desire of the present incumbent to gain the place

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Petting. When the flax is harvested the first operations are

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lures of disease. Its proper study involves the consider

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dibuliform cavity of the cervix where lateral motion is generally pos

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ajgis of the British Medical Association on their side even if it

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This difeafe differs from the inirritative fever by the pulfe not being

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It had made its appearance several days after the last parturi

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A patient who has had gastric ulcer should for all time observe

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sent because during work its breathing soon became distressed a slight

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in blood pressure tachycardia. Other rarely respiratory depression

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that the trouble and annoyance caused by gapes lice and

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damage of the nervous elements. Hot and cold spinal

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urgent the clothes should immediately be saturated with cold water without

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eccentric hypertrophy of the right side of the heart or the whole cardiac

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evening. In certain solutions asmall quantity of chloro

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following effects are produced. In the first place there

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action the brain and nervous centres are speedily affected and

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Somewhere therefore in the teaching of psychiatry as

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medicines rather than to the means by which such results are

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Spinal Caries Spondylitis or Pott s Disease of the Spinal Column. By

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irritability or positive modification which appears to be

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s stems and a few extra mural collections of corpuscles

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