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a highly antitoxic serum from them, he further showed that the serum

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and treatment, and would involve (if its indications were attended to)

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istence of natural non-virulent varieties in the cases of the organisms

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The first comprises the most favorable cases,— only one stone, of mid-

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tend to be greatest where insanitary conditions exist, Avhether drainage

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The subjects of arterial decay are to be sparingly fed, but some wine

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culture media as in the tissues, that these have the same action when

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clearly shows the superiority of the former method of antipyretic treat-

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heat-producing activities of the organism tend to exceed, not to fall short

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of abstraction of heat; that it be capable of more or less energetic

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by the formation of fresh distinct patches. It chiefly resembles the

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causes general symptoms ; while in other cases, as in certain forms of

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forms — for instance, in the embryonic axolotl ten to fifteen days old;

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favourably of the results obtained. My personal experience of the

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Ziegler's Beitriige zur path. Anat. 1888, vol. iv. p. 127. — 52. Wilks, Dr. Guy's Hosp.

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mond did not succeed in finding typhoid bacilli in the stools of convales-

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prognosis. It must not be supposed that these mental states always

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way. The condition is one of depression; the skin is cold and pale,

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Fibrous hyperplasia is to be encountered in almost every tissue of

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ed for examination, they are always found surrounded and partly con-

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This brings us to the consideration of remoter causes which favour

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proliferate rapidly, and completely fill the corpuscle until it disinte-

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28th there was a complete recurrence of all the tetanic trouble, and a

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proper hygienic measures may easily lead to secondary infection. An

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ity, are the chief circumstances which distinguish cholera from other

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ures that may possibly bear a similar interpretation. For example, a young

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when spiral springs are employed. 2d. It was supposed that the changes

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Klebs-Loffler bacillus is the cause — the specific cause of diphtheria:

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always be ready, and a receiver for soiled dressing, prepared notes of cases

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of the window, and is directed upwards into the room.

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bacillus appears never to attack an animal from the alimentary canal.

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antimicrobic influences of blood exist also in the serum, and moreover

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hundred inches on the south-east slopes of the Himalayas, which are

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