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Housesteads Hadrians Wall


Housesteads Hadrians Wall

Housesteads Hadrians Wall

The Housesteads Roman fort (otherwise known as Vercovicium) is located just outside Bardon Mill and is one of the best preserved of the various Roman castles along Hadrian’s Wall. The history of this very popular National Trust tourist destination goes back to the second century AD and it was one of the first of the many Roman forts to be built along Hadrian’s Wall.

The Housesteads Hadrian’s Wall fort is slightly different to the normal buildings seen along the Roman Wall in that firstly it is built behind the wall and did not protrude into “enemy territory”, secondly the fort has never had a water supply and the many troops who have stayed in the buildings had to depend upon rainwater. An airborne survey of the site by the National Trust showed that it extends across a number of fields and the site was obviously chosen because of the height advantage and the fact you can see for miles.

The National Trust now operate the site which has become one of the most popular Hadrian’s Wall tourist destinations offering the chance to not only walk along the Roman Wall itself but also check out the various garrisons and buildings connected to it. While Housesteads Castle is just one of 16 forts along Hadrian’s Wall it did have the earliest known flushing toilet!

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