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Bellister Castle tourist attraction


Bellister Castle is situated just outside Haltwhistle with the remains of a 13th century castle which has undergone many alterations and additions over the years. Records show that the grade 2 listed building, which is now owned by the National Trust and leased out on a long-term basis, has a very interesting history. The property itself was originally occupied by the Bellister family although the property was sold back in 1697 and has had a number of owners since then.

Records as far back as the 14th century indicate that the Castle, which is built upon a mound, was part of an old motte and bailey castle. The property itself underwent a significant rebuild back in 1826 when architect John Dobson introduced a number of new properties to the grounds and further changes were introduced in 1890 and 1905 after a serious fire cause significant damage to the property.

While many of the original buildings and older parts of the Castle have fallen into disrepair, the Castle still has a significant presence due to its position on the hill and is commonly discussed in “haunting circles” with rumours of its own ghost. The so called Grey Lady of Bellister Castle is said to haunt the property and the surrounding land with rumours that she may have been the victim of a murder hundreds of years ago!

We will be bringing you more interesting places to visit and interesting tales from the Haltwhistle area in the future.

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