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of the lateral anastomosis however there was marked bulging
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tuberculosis. The case was shown at the 1881 International Con
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prove deficient in medical virtues or be altogether inert. The
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cavity formation involving to a greater or less extent the cortex and the
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many more for all which I onely would take the true Lau
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Edward Everett Samuel Crowell Mather H. V. Heynoldi
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side of his tongue this was twice removed by ligature probably inade
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ligature removed the tumor. He was successful in five
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in d i i othei ise the digestion seemed to be good. Three
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trict which are not given in Mycologia Scotica the most recent
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the disease the transverse section is now made and here I have found
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ing toe nail and conservatives were seeking for something
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in other words that there may be disposing factors rendering the apex
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instances there is loss of sight and hearing. If the gummatous musseB
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Harte stated that the character of the wound the time of deal
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chief surgeon at General Headquarters American Expeditionary Forces.
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possesses a very repulsive garlic like odor which will probably militate
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been present for 19 years presented the typical clioreiform
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we were informed and when the amputation was performed it was
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perspired as though he had taken a large dose of pilo

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