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part of a healthy colon though Kronlein points out that in four

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hands of the attendants. The mouth and nose should be promptly

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the schools is again an obstacle to the risijig of the profession

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body often affecting the face and the mangy itch which is produced

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not been well chosen. Student nature being what it is the subject of

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The sternum or breast bone in front and the twelve pairs of ribs

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plaster over that a linen cloth folded four fold and dampened with a

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to if are strong mental emotions especially of the depressing kind as

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rendered the utmost brevity of language indispensable hence in

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infe ior branches to the inferior cervical ganglion external branches tc

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teen hours of the twenty four to their work less the short time

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length sufficient to extend from two three or four inches beyond the

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In other infections such as fowl cholera etc. it is compara

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their first appearance with the onset of menstruation in the

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Melchior believes the condition to be the result of an infection

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When the disease is caused by deleterious gases narcotic or metal

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stomnchs. Chocolate is prepared from the seeds of the theobroma

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ceeding the case was discharged. An examination of the opsonic

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grees and some of the people who suffer in this manner also have

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commendation than the statement of the fact that it is such and

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excrescenc is entirely destroyed which will usually require but a

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insalivation. The alimentary substances comminuted and softened

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ejected with each systole the manometer indicated a rise of blood

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In an Introduction a brief.sketch is given of the doctrines of infec

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Hunger and thirst the sensations of which are referred to the stom

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in pigs sheep and cattle a condition is found characterised usually

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troubled with winter cough. He had been a heavy smoker a

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distinct forms or species 1. Scarlatina simplex simple scarlet fever.

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rheumatoid and in their bulletins in which are given the most

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especially if the irreducible element be intestine.

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a few showed marked lesions. When the skin had been re

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constitution. Water treatment has apparently succeeded in two or

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spermatozoa are stained the falirie remaining colourless. A thread or

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tion of the bladder does not often occur. It does however sometimes

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psoas magnus muscle to near Poupart s ligament where it divides into

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ease with which it lends itself to a traumatic explanation. The

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spirit putting away 15 large glasses daily. Finally a prostitute

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plied. Towards the end of the third week a marked painless swell

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A valuable feature of the book is the frequent reference to special

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It is an important matter that we should keep our rule of action

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with the best results to themselves. I have at the same time

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L conic. Similar to Colin s experiments on horses Leconte

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be competitive r run against time hut should he done walking

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