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Examples of these were present in ten of the forty three cavities.

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treatment up to the present has been discovered which has had any

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constrictions correspond in this manner giving rise to alternate light

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Wrist Hand F ueera Thigh Patella Leg nkle Foot 407 423

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gasified and compound baths and fumigations have found advocates in

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the reformers of the two schools are not so very great after all.

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well to say a few words about the I rovincial Committees under

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But fortunately again those cases which require a long treatment can

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Food and llealth by A. E. Powell Lieutenant Koyal Engineers

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and not uufrequently medicated with calomel tartarized antimony

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merits or demerits of the dillerent Kills for the establishment of

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a series of experiments he has made in that direction. His at

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going. She then was given the milk prepared as I have described

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one if too sanguine of success. Don t leave the animal too soon

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Sutures. Stitching divided parts together is much less practiced

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tions on the larynx and in various forms of neuralgia. Dr. Mure

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the following result Water 959.26 chloride of sodium common salt

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rials for their mucous secretion and for the nutrient vessels of the

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plying that part and the great toe. The external the lnrgest division

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of psychiatry. His classification is widely accepted in Germany

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the unpleasant incidents that are occasionally presented. They are to

modafinil us army

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had years previously been thoroughly mercurialized and which it

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posterior internal lateral and external lateral ligaments with the sy

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selected as food. Epicures generally have their flesh kept until it

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teria help in the process of digestion is very doubtful as growth

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som says with warmth is a sum less than the smallest amount

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sternum third posteriorly close to the spine at the level of the first

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of specific bacterial forms we are in entire agreement although we

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cases of mitral stenosis for there were only 30 out of 1182 necropsies

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submaxillary is situated in the posterior angle of the submaxillary tri

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grent that the doctors onll the evidence of its loss debility and well

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Ill the third volume the more purely medical aspects of syphilis

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troduced a discussion on The Use and Possible Abuse of Athletics

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been done and now the Conference Committee of the State

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is however a choice for the reason that some alkalies are themselves

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intermediate glands along the course of or at the bifurcation

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when we repeat that some cases of long continued discharge are

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timately connected with the circulation of the blood and this with

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toid at least in the case which I report there is diminution in

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long sleepers averaging probably at least eight hours. The statute of

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referred to of alleged transmission of chicken diphtheria to man

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easy one and nothing abnormal had apparently been noted at

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general interest if I attempt to give a short account of the course

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in the lower extremity where the liml is put up more or less

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