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Rath Dr. Fauser who showed me over the insanity wards of the

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head in apoplectic epileptic paralytic and hysterical affections in

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Rheumatism. Like gout rheumatic affections are almost invariably

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lasted for an hour or two occasionally the attack was represented

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I pileptic convulsions he regards as symptomatic manifestations of

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may out grow rather than doctor out his ruinous ways. Unfortunate

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connection. In eight of them the streptococcus pyogenes was

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some years and who at last shot his house porteress there was

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rounils giant strides see saws sand piles sliding boards boys and

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That they are visited however more for entertainment than from any

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work of Wassermann Neisscr and Plant on deviation of the comple

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ful physician among the bolder practitioners who have wielded more

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enabling the play of organic affinities to attach each particle of matter

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commonly it is caused by plethora transferred gout or rheumatism

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They will continue to exercise their functions with that

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size and development for the functions which they are required to per


animal or other food enough to amount to a condiment or seasoning.

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while the head increases in bulk the forehead becomes prominent the

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A second incision was then made along the outer border of the left

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the condition becomes chronic such agglomerations may be found.

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object of treatment. Medical and Surgical Reporter.

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precipitate when globules of melted lead are obtained if organic mat

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so until the ovary was removed when she resumed breathing and gave

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this latter malady which have occurred in the northwest this

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another school with accommodation for 420 children was opened.

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pital fevers are nothing more nor less than the common or typhoid

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dition described by Girard and H. Bouley as Beveling of the

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not depending on congenital or organic causes. In general terms the

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to give relief and to obtain for the patient an useful limb.

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is not accomplished until the alimentary matter is subjected to tho

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elastic tissue may undergo degeneration and absorption and the uterine

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article on the Relief of Urinary and Genital Conditions through

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of the tympanum its corners are called cornua or ventricles. The

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fection and is progressing towards recovery suffers from a new

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the popliteal line its tendon passes through a sheath

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before us shows also the danger of occupying the system and prostrat

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poor in leucol is better boine l y the skin. Ethereal alcoholic tinctures

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rior and posterior sacro iliac ligament. The latter is also called inter

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The movements between these bones is a very slight degree of yield

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greater put of the course of the disease. Indeed it usually follows

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Dr. Wood mentioned two letters received by him inviting the

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and upper extremities by lhe superior vena cava to the right auricle

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