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Bacteriologically tlie outbreak was found to be due to the bacillus

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drank and in this country particularly stale salted meats superfine

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In the second variety a nhcemia anamia exsanguinity the whole

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derived from Epicurus. Diseases he referred to states of contraction

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these symptoms have been preceded by dyspeptic indications or evi

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paralysis of the orl ital vessels dependent on.sympathetic intei ference

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paper One of the most striking facts is the comparative paucity of

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have been told of Dr Sweet and other natural bone setters who

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membrane called the hyaloid. The inner surface of the hyaloid is

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cells adjacent to the denuded epithelial areas were abundant but

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called fidgets and distinguished by a perpetual desire to change the

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will for a long time to come render surgical assistance necessary in

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resection the bowel was not mobilised sutticiently and as the

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sistently with this ridiculously abuurd vagary those springs of water which

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In chronic pancreatitis 97 per cent are cured by cysto gastrostomy.

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fibrous layer which is vascular and adherent to surrounding structures

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either induction was practised or pregnancy was allowed to go to

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consciousness. There was no history of venereal disease. On

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in her back could not turn herself in bed. The hip joints and

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before I arrived. The history of the case was that the horse

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tion on the infant that even the smallest quantities have not unfre

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remedial uses of water in the hands of competent persons thinks it is

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while it is only in the hospital that what may be termed the

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Treatment. Sniffing cool or cold water frequently taking care to

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the work is organised the more numerous do such visits become.

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times constituting bands of various breadth and thickness and some

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the hands or feet are deeply cracked sore and exposure is inevitable

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