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Analyses of Intestinal Contents. It has been estimated that

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Battle of Sandwich and Eustace the Monk English Historical Re

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the scouts such as scarlet fever diphtheria and cerehro spinal fever.

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is due probably to a neuritis. Intestinal stricture is a rare sequence so

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Glucose Agar Moderately long bacillus some plump some slen

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operation wound. Feeding was interrupted by attacks of coughing.

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The author then proceeds to give a risumf. of the association

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The valvular lesions which develop at or subsequent to the period of

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Iodide of potassium 31. Conium 336. 4 Hypertrophy a rare

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Haig3 summarises his latest views on this subject as follows

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Ovariotomy. The term ovariotomy comes from djd gt ov ovary and

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Vienna Surgical Clinic from 1869 1870 and finally a report

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in full health I frequently add to the bromide ten drops of veratrum

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was pronounced neuritis in tlie right eye and blurring of the edges

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The Medical Superintendent of East Anglian and Makings Farm

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ciation favor the supposition of tubercle but are not

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and the lochia still continue suppressed laudanum must be

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efforts of certain obstetric surgeons culminated in the

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ing effect may be preceded by a transient and unimportant

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done by a too frequent employment of soap and water especially in winter.

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three times a day. The mucilage mixed with brandy is a popular

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