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Planning permission granted in Haltwhistle


The Northumberland County Council has granted permission for a development on land at Greystonedale and Dale Park Road in Haltwhistle for up to 55 sheltered apartments and nine detached houses. The developer, Jason Parkinson, recently applied to have the original planning consent renewed as it was nearing expiry although the Haltwhistle Town Council wrote to the Northumberland County Council with objections.

There is some friction between the Northumberland County Council and the Haltwhistle Town Council as the grounds for refusal seemed to be very basic. The Haltwhistle Town Council suggested that because the original planning consent had not been utilised and the land had been left derelict for some time, the new application should have been refused. However, the Northumberland County Council was slightly bemused by this argument and indeed found no strong grounds for refusing the application.

One of the major plus points for the redevelopment of the area is the fact that it would clear a contaminated site and introduce a range of different styles of property to the area. There was some concern expressed regarding traffic and parking issues although as these have not changed since the original application there were no further grounds for refusal. It will be interesting to see how the Haltwhistle Town Council respond to this ruling by the Northumberland County Council and whether indeed there are further grounds for blocking the application.

Over the years we have seen a number of new developments emerging in and around the Haltwhistle region as the area continues to attract visitors from around the UK. There has been a massive change in the structure and the balance of the local economy over the last 20 years and indeed for many people who have moved away the area will be unrecognisable. Whether this application to refuse consent by the Haltwhistle Town Council signals a sea change in local planning applications remains to be seen but there is certainly some disagreement between the local council and the county council.

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