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Haltwhistle residents demand more CCTV cameras


Residents of Aesica Road in Haltwhistle are demanding an increase in CCTV cameras in their street after a bout of disorder in the area. This is not the first time the residents in Haltwhistle have asked for an increase in CCTV cameras although this particular demand should be looked upon unfavourably by the town council. It is an area of Haltwhistle which is particularly well used by those returning home from the local pubs and clubs and any evidence of unruly behaviour will surely mean that the authorities will need to act.

There are cameras in the area already although it is alleged that unruly behaviour is occurring outside of the view of current CCTV equipment. At a time when many towns and cities across the UK are demanding a reduction in CCTV cameras this perfectly reflects their use and their place in the community. Various areas of Haltwhistle have been hit by unruly behaviour over the last few months and it is ironic that the current bout of unruly behaviour is literally on the doorstep of the local police station.

It is vital that Haltwhistle maintains its image as a friendly tourist destination because many businesses in the region depend upon the income of visitors. There is no doubt that the council have more than played their part in promoting and expanding Haltwhistle’s tourist operation and will no doubt look favourably upon the request for further CCTV equipment. We will continue to monitor the situation and update you accordingly in due course.

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