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Haltwhistle business Kilfrost continues to blossom

While Kilfrost may have moved its base to the Newcastle region, the company still has a significant exposure to Haltwhistle where all of the company’s deicing products are produced and then forwarded to one of three overseas factories to be mixed into the finished product. This is a company which has massive exposure to the likes of the aircraft industry with significant business from countries as far afield as America, China, Holland and Japan.

Despite the fact that the UK is in the grip of a financially recession the company expects sales to improve by a further 25% over and above the £50 million figure of last year, over the next two years. This is a company which is so important to be the icing industry that it has a protection from the authorities which very few other companies in the world can obtain. The Haltwhistle factory is running around the clock to keep pace with growing demand in this most specialised of industries.

At a time when the Haltwhistle economy has been undergoing a significant change, from a retail environment to a more tourist-based economy, companies such as Kilfrost still remain a focal part of the local economy.

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