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Greenholme on the verge of closure

Haltwhistle care home Greenholme would appear to be under threat as more and more of the elderly residents are moved elsewhere. Despite the fact that the there are still a small number of residents in the care home it seems that unofficially Greenholme is on the verge of closure. Indeed, one resident, Maude Thompson, who is 102 years young, is likely to be forced to move despite the fact she has spent the last 14 years of her life in Greenholme and all of her life in Haltwhistle.

While officially the Northumberland Care Trust, which operates the Greenholme care home facility, issued a statement suggesting that no final decision had been made regarding the closure of Greenholme, it would appear to be almost inevitable. The potential closure of what has been a central part of the Haltwhistle and district care home service is a reflection of the growing cost of running such facilities up and down the country.

Council budgets the length and breadth of the UK are currently under pressure as the UK budget deficit continues to balloon with national debt currently over £1 trillion. It is likely that many other services will see their budgets cut over the next few years as the UK government looks to rein in spending and at least attempt to reduce the ever-increasing national debt.

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