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What does Haltwhistle have to offer?

As the number of tourists visiting the Northumberland town of Haltwhistle continues to grow many people are now asking exactly what the town has to offer and why so many people appear to be attracted to the area. So what does Haltwhistle have to offer?

Haltwhistle is situated in the north of England and recently hit the headlines after a battle for the title of the “Centre of Britain”. It is a town which has grown over the last few years and one which had for many years depended upon the mining industry but has now moved into tourism and the related services. Situated just a few miles from the Roman Wall, Haltwhistle has proved to be a perfect stopping off point for many tourists with a number of accommodation facilities available in and around the area.

While life may have changed in the Haltwhistle region over the years, the town still retains its beauty and welcoming nature which has become very evident in recent times. Whether you are looking for entertainment, food, accommodation, shopping or other services, there are many different elements of life in Haltwhistle which will appeal to many different people.

The tourist services in and around the region have been very active over the last few years and the town is now well-established as a tourist destination with visitors from all around the world.

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