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Sainsbury’s in Haltwhistle car park row

There is uproar in the town of Haltwhistle after news that Sainsbury’s has introduced restrictions on the use of the car park adjoining the store. Despite the fact there would appear to be an agreement in place with the Haltwhistle town Council which effectively allows residents to use the car park free of charge for as long as they want, Sainsbury’s has introduced a three-hour maximum parking period although only the first hour is free.

Those who live in and around the area will be well aware that car park space is at a premium and the dispute with Sainsbury’s could hamper parking for visitors to the region and ultimately the local economy. The local town council believe that the various signs erected by Sainsbury’s in the car park are illegal but so far we have yet to receive a definitive ruling on the matter.

Sainsbury’s appears to have backtracked on its earlier decision and is now awaiting a resolution from the Council before enforcing any of the restrictions announced.

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