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Haltwhistle Town Council


The Haltwhistle Town Council is a vital element of everyday life in and around Haltwhistle and while it has little statutory powers over the Northumberland Council it does very much influence local decisions. It is effectively the second tier of management in and around Haltwhistle region with the Northumberland County Council looking after everyday services and the general population.

Even though the Haltwhistle Town Council also has little in the way of spending power it is a very useful mouthpiece for local residents and local businesses. The council itself consists of 12 members who are elected for a period of four years after which time there will be local elections. The council meets on the first working Monday of every month in the Haltwhistle Methodist Church Hall on the Main Street with members of the public encouraged to attend. This is the perfect opportunity for issues to be discussed, decisions to be taken and policies to be released to the public domain.

There are some who criticise local councils in the UK but the ongoing success of the Haltwhistle business arena is a perfect example of how a town council could and should work. Over the years we have seen many well-known residents of Haltwhistle joining the town council and using their general knowledge of the area and the people to further the environment. There are many issues which town councils will need to discuss on a regular basis and thankfully the vast majority of these are transparent and open to the public.

For those who complain about issues in and around the Haltwhistle region and fail to turn up at the town council meetings they can have little in the way of grumble. The monthly meetings also offer the opportunity to submit questions by letter which can be discussed at a later stage. If you are interested in the Haltwhistle Town Council, what it does and council members, then we suggest calling the Haltwhistle Town Council clerk, Michael Long, on 01661 852 104.

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