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disease he understood the diathetic relation between calculus
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from 1 88 1 to 1883 and died an active member in 1894.
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Treated with distilled water and ammonia M. Kohli states that it affords
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tions entitling him to a recognized qualification in Midwifery.
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mus cold douche amp c. If meningitis supervene we must be governed by
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all his ilk he displays no originality in his reper
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distemper not reducible to a common and known disease.
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tents of the shelves. A generation has passed away
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local influence of which is at present overlooked. Such an
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A petition to Parliament embodying the above resolutions was
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Medical Association 1903 1904 Jonas Stewart Anderson 1904
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tween these structures for parathyroidectomized animals were
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some fever pcr.sist for weeks the question of operative

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