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The plantar fascia forms strong layers which invest the tendons

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Surgery by Codeman of Boston the Legal Relations of the Surgeon

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incomplete relief after defalcation if the obstruction be low down

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of the real old fashioned glanders among army horses in the

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suing petty expedients for momentary pleasure instead of seeking per

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and generally necessary to commence these baths with water at 80 or

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closely in their methods. The botany and zoology of microscopic

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cavity where the parasite settles itself becomes nocive and

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make the declaration that those physicians who are in good standing

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The soft palate is rendered insensitive by the application of a

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tries. It is also extensively cultivated in the West Indies Central

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completed. I have seen very bad burns heal rapidly and admirably

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and restrain give all needed advice touching self improvement and tlie preservation

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within the mouth and fauces and the stomach is at all times troubled

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number of teeth present in a group of children the average

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of human trypanosomiasis has recently been discovered in Brazil. In

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of an anaesthetic requires an amount of practice that makes it doubtful

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The squamous portion forms the anterior part of each bone and

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cocci and of an anaerobic bacillus the bacillus ramosus of A eillon

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ing balls and dancing assemblies are to be attributed. The viands at

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of the old scar. She stated that she had remained well since the

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bacillus pyogenes fa tidus and anaerobic and dental organisms.

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tion of food offensive fetor in the breath are together strongly pre

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save to restore the vital agency in explaining the phenomena of disease

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sitting on a chamber having had very fi equent micturition all day

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had venereal disease and had received no injury to the head or to

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times extended over all Europe and a part of America in the same

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aged men with marked symptoms of neurasthenia or hysteria. He

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that if they wore not occupied with accounts of atlilctics they might

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