The Hadrians Wall Path

roman wallWhile Haltwhistle is very much at the centre of the Hadrians Wall Path experience and attracting significant tourism numbers from around the world, many people will be surprised to know that what is left of the Roman Wall still runs approximately 84 miles from Wallsend on the east coast to Bowness-on-Solway on the west coast. The walk itself is very much along the track of the original Hadrian’s Wall although obviously direct access to the wall is limited due to the fact that much of the stone has disappeared over the years and there is a need to protect the area.

Despite the fact that Hadrian’s Wall runs across a number of hills and fairly high areas of the UK, the highest point on the walk is only 1000 feet above sea level and Hadrian’s walk itself is more or less on a fairly flat plain. There are many Roman forts dotted across the Roman Wall with the likes of Vindolanda and Housesteads amongst the two best-known Roman forts still visible to the naked eye.

With a history going back to the year 122, when the Emperor Hadrian was in control of the Roman Empire, there are few historic treasures in the UK and around the world which can match the history attached to the Roman Wall. In 1987 the site was deemed to be one of the World Heritage Sites, opening the door for significant investment and protection for what remains of the Roman Empire in the UK.

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