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Diagnosis Dr. Heberden has most clearly presented the general
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posed simple and common a slight operation on the thumb and
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Later the pain abated and the bowels moved. Difficulty of getting
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recommended cold ablutions in preference to warm baths as the habits
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patella were not discoverable and on February 26th the boy was
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the fits are confined for some time to the days coinciding with
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culture produced an odour more or less ollensive and any one of
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A full pulse gives to the finger the sensation of repletion or fullness.
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ally an inflammation of the eyelids. These become red swollen
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the posterior border of the testicle. The excretory duct of the testicle
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lateral corresponding with the passage of the vasa deferentia from the
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puncture was carried out 17th November and 5 cc. of the antistreptococcic
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ural constituent of the human body it does not by any means follow
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rection the part first attacked healing as the disease extends over the
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decisions published but the conclusions arrived at have perhaps
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The flatulent form may be relieved by hot fomentations or hip baths
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seem requisite and the latter body having taking a lead in the
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elements in consideralile excess no micro organisms could 1 e culti
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and toward the end of the disease in the evening only. The violence
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was only once noted. The average maximum increase was only
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parts of New England and New York since 1806. It has been very
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Mercurial inunction into the abdominal walls and gradually in
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The other members of the family are quite healthy. He has had the
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tic fibrous cats. Its diameter varies in different parts of its course
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an expectation to escape the insinuation that this higher education
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are also subdivided into many varieties according to their causes na
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milk of sulphur etc. Their action on the animal economy is weak in
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the ventricles of the larynx has been supposed by some authors to be
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that both within and without the walls of Universities there has
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boys was not to appreciate finer literature and that if they were
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somewhat blaclvberry like granule. Crushed and stained a granule
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Although eases of recovery from lepto meningitis complicating
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cases cure or amelioration has been obtained but in fifteen cases
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matter for either party but this case had already been before the
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these iritis developed during the attack of influenza in 1 case during
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difficult to estimate and that is the inetticiency of the aeration
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nious as to excoriate the surface wherever they come in contact with
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accumulation increases toward evening and decreases during the night
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it in a shell and producing a preternatural enlargement of the part
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in the pulmonary vessels but the maxinmm vascular constriction
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subject. In the first group of experiments a magnesium salt in
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to bring about lasting benefit that is permanent cure in possibly
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the inner border of the upper molars. The amount is not the
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with comfort. Linen or cotton sheets are better than flannel and for
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increased the duration of life and raised the toxic dose of acetanilide.
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It is with deep regret that the Review learns that this old
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so far as practicable depends on a strict compliance with all the laws
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