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of both old and recent disease. The mitral valve was greatly thick

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the color values rough approximation can be made without

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otherwise while the o1 ject of gastroenterostomy was

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ment of convulsions in dogfi apart from.j SBstheties. Ether

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gery have only been rendered possible by the discovery of anes

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Sturgis Wearn and Tompkins of the cardio vascular division of the

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water. Before the natural breakwater was formed which

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twenty times consecutively without eft ort and to per

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minutissimo jmncticulatis ncnis subtus prominentibus utrinque 3 as

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been charged against certain midwives who in one way or another

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immovable during life. Fluctuation could be felt about the umbilicus

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The number of cases requiring medical evidence in our higher

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made no positive investigation in regard to primary syncope. The

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President Ringer I am asked to call your attention to the tubercu

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ond case the lower extremities were chiefly affected. This pa

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the Council as such and such Fellows whether Members of the Coun

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Sweet Spirits of Nitre or Nitrous Ether is chiefly a prepara

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It is mostly seen in pigs six to twelve months old.

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