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wheu instead of the injury being peripheral it is applied to the brain

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nously a momentary protrusion of the hollow of the flank

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with fine silk or catgut. The muscular aponeurotic

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pelled by some emergency of rain or mud or cash. The

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surgery to new fields more particularly to diseases of

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careful application of it w e can secure better results with less

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the hair be short and dry accompanied with extreme itchiness so much

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condition is brought about by the excessive loss of body fluids and

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During convalescence Ammonia and bark 371. Cod liver oil. Steel

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Prognosis. The prognosis of anthrax is bad. The mor

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not sustained in subsequent years. It is indeed significant that in so

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over three days before ligation of the common carotid

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sented a unique theme in.a moving picture illustration of methods

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that the child of Mr. Crawford with whom he deeply sympa

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culosis during the year but it was caused by the retention in hospital

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Such observations suggest that in thrombosis besides

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Deben ser immunes a ella y ademas la unica condici6n conocida

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advantage in some instances transfer these muscles. Not until about

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Assistant in Physiology and Demonstrator of Experimental

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