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Eeserve Hospital under the control of Major Crosby had been
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causes the part to lose its elasticity and contractility
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tween the medullary rays. In the p Tamids the distribution of new growth
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preceding rheumatic fever and gives details of cases. The num
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of the axis cylinders fatty degeneration of the medullary
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London J. B. Lippincott Company evenings by the light from spice wood twigs
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press between strands of muscle fibres or infiltrate them
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neither endemic nor epidemic. It is a catarrhal inflammation with a
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plications led the patient to decline further treatment.
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as before but unless one is ambidexterous he will experience
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errors of visual refraction quite independently of the direct
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teaches that it rareh if ever occurs before the age of seven.
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the two sounds were distinct though the first was accompanied by a
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develop within fourteen days. Case 4 28 is a converse
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Bruce British Medical Journal No. 1795 p. 1 149 re
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corresponding swelling on the left side while tlie left leg and the body
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Chirty years later in 1880 there were 100 medical schools 18 for women.
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tended with much risk if care be taken to exclude air.
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