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note, iu bis translation of the latter, "shaken in a garment;" but mine, I assert, is the

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vulsion. Post-mortem the heart was found to be small, with a

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its own nature, and then to make good the link which connects

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ward (R. M.) Twenty-two cases of tvphoid lever wiih-

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fession. Address letter to Dr. Silas Pratt, Ann Arbor, Mich.

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tween the .scalene muscles and descend steeply under

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ing that no single method could be trusted to relieve in all cases.

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the head is brushed. The pain is strictly referred to the bregmatic region,

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extremities. If patient can swallow, give strong coffee.

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of numerous flat-topped shining papules of practically the same colour

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engaged at present in investigating this disease. Having a

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the ceU becomes risible with the naked eye as an opaque black spot

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