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from the Southern or white corn. The fine grained hominy is usually

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treatment. He also showed a case of granulosis rubra nasi.

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his malady. He complained of nothing but debility of a feeling

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the limb being maintained in the horizontal position till solidification

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thigh smaller. The wounds seem slight and a prescription is

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enlargement of both curvatures. These observations prove

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evidently fluid. The inversion I found could not be perfectly

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that the actual condition of the disease is that of extreme derangement

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and the putrefactive stage of fermentation exists the bread is then

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healthy stomachs. If they ever prove injurious it is from the melted

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Gushing Growe and Homans have investigated carefully a series of

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The potato far exceeds all the rest in amount of nutritive properly

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be satisfied on this extent of variety would still want something more

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cracked wheat hard biscuits or Graham crackere water milk

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effusion the face is leaden the eye filmy and the extremities cold

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the other areas of the uterine wall the reduction of the lumen does

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several weeks we must of course look to the nutritive function.

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presence of organic matter. Nitrate of silver is also a test as before

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to the four University districts Edinburgh Glasgow Aberdeen

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The papers by Nickles and Stewart on digitalis give good resumes

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important and many novel conclusions. The present volume also

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num and pharynx. The small openings are two for the entrance and

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be a transient glycosuria with or without polyuria. The onset of

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a morbid sensibility sometimes remains after the cause of irritation has

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tended to influence the report of that committee. Some of the

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which the prostatic ducts open at the anterior extremity of the veru

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Those lesions of Van Gehuchten and Nelis which called

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consume immense quantities of blubber oil. tallow candles when they

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Restlessness. There are two states of general uodily disquietude

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infiltration but not to the same extent as in general paralysis. The

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these and many other cutaneous diseases in their offspring while nurs

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may be relieved by this treatment which not only corrects the

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to us namely the pathogenicity of the organism and the possibility

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Wilkie sarcoma of the testicle with secondary growths.

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and coiToding matter. If this matter is allowed to be absorbed the

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When the throat is blocked by these false membranes the

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bolted meal it requires essentially the same management. Wheat

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from Professor Symington s specimens of the relationships of the ear

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secret supplies and precious documents from prying eyes are in

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assists in adduction and contributes also to the flexion of the leg.

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in the extreme cold of the Antarctic circle I may jjerhaps record

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mistake and its practice mere charlatanry. But if the exact contrary

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the bodily functions constituting in fact a constitutional taint or mal

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long as the patient has any material rise of temperature. Daily

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