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the sensibility of touch and temperature. It is therefore

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spine paralysis is the most important complication.

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from the tube and not by the rays themselves. If the vacuum in

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the sick thus enabling young men who graduate in medicine

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therefore marry are armed with fpurs for the pxirpofe of fighting for

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It had for its incorporators some of the most noted bankers and railroad

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spending daily two to three hours in the open air walking as a

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Returns of the General Hospitals where disabled sol

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and deliberate experiment of three authentic philosophers.

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tinal examiuatiou tor a diploma iu public healtli liad been

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Experiment 3. Antigens were prepared in a manner similar

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norance is such that it would never do to trust them

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often surrounded by traces of haemorrhage are also seen sometimes

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which event the risk of an adverse verdict would again

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symptoms argues in favor of nontubercular meningitis.

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resist the growth of epithelium. This latter grows down and

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cells some were situated in the nerve ring while others lay en

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clothing. If possible cloths wet with cold water should be placed on

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which to experienced and well balanced medical men

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tense and contains fluid. The patient winces when the joints

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Sir Charles Gordon Watson has spoken. It is their uu

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