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naphthaline as a very valuable addition to our thera

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In 1904 1 commencetl a study on these neoplasms and found that

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desirable could have been raised and its under surface explored.

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fiTNt to describe causalgia 18641. erythromelalgia or red neuralna I872 78 1

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back rail the handles being away from him was struck by the

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to St. Joseph s Hospital Associate Member Military Sur

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ticable. All the citizens contribute to the burdens of government and

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larged heart a year and a half before injury but had not

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pressed against the second rib. The course of this artery

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transverse wound found In the left lobe of the liver about 2J

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ized bv a current density has either an intense ir

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sidered for adoption. To the sanitarian and statistician in general

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grasshoppers become a burden. It was a typical farmyard scene such as

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diving. The number of bacteria present in the water is an important

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ehould be written as an interesting psychological docu

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pregnancy or parturition the most logical procedure

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Some of them will be systematically fostered or checked by those

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or long incubation class was less important and might be prejudicial.

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of disease with the exception of the enormous sloughing sores

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It would seem as if there is something radically wrong with a cement

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