Haltwhistle » Useful Websites http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk Centre of Britain | Roman Wall | Tourism Tue, 15 May 2012 09:26:24 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.8.4 en hourly 1 Haltwhistle Goes Dutch! http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/haltwhistle-goes-dutch/ http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/haltwhistle-goes-dutch/#comments Thu, 09 Feb 2012 20:53:48 +0000 The Tourist http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/?p=288 roman wallToday I received a very interesting email from Michel Spreeuwers who runs a walking website in Holland. He recently visited Haltwhistle and was very complimentary about the area, the people and especially the Roman Wall. I hereby include a copy (in Dutch) of an article which I hope will be useful to Dutch tourists looking to the region in the future :-

Haltwhistle is perfect centraal gelegen als u graag de muur van Hadrianus wilt bezichtigen of (delen van) de lange wandelroute Hadrian’s Wall Path wilt bewandelen. Ik heb dit mooie dorp zelf ook als uitvalsbasis gebruikt om de muur te zien en een mooi gedeelte van de route te lopen. In dit gebied kunt u namelijk het mooiste gedeelte van die wandelroute lopen omdat de uitzichten het best zijn en er tevens Romeinse opgravingen in de buurt te vinden zijn . De hoger gelegen delen van de muur die u door middel van de oorspronkelijke, door de Romeinen gelegde treden kunt bereiken geven u mooie uitzichten richting het Kielder Forest Park in het noorden, the Pennines richting het zuiden en uiteraard de lager gelegen delen van de muur van Hadrianus voor en achter u. U kunt gewoon vanuit het dorp door middel van een korte wandeling naar de muur toe lopen. Eenmaal bij de muur aangekomen volgt u gewoon de wandelpaden naar het westen of oosten. Wat ook zeker van pas komt is dat Haltwhistle een treinstation heeft waardoor u ook nog gemakkelijk een bezoek kan brengen aan de steden Carlisle of Newcastle. De liefhebber van mooie landschappen, Romeinse –en Britse geschiedenis en wandelen kan dus prima terecht hier langs Hadrian’s Wall, in Haltwhistle.

For those interested in the origins of this article please visit the website in question at :-

Groot Brittannië Liefhebbers

Many thanks for your article Michel.


Mark Benson

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Haltwhistle Walking Festival 2010 http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/haltwhistle-walking-festival-2010/ http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/haltwhistle-walking-festival-2010/#comments Sun, 13 Jun 2010 15:47:30 +0000 The Tourist http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/?p=234 The Haltwhistle Walking Festival 2010 will be taking place between 9 October and 17 October and is certain to attract the attention of many people from around the UK. Walking around Haltwhistle and around Hadrian’s Wall is one of the most breathtaking walking trails you can imagine in the UK and the number of people attending is growing year by year.

Not only is this excellent for the Haltwhistle tourism industry but also attracts additional activity for local businesses. This is one of the best organised Hadrian’s Wall walks with hundreds of people certain to attend. The festival itself is sponsored by a variety of local businesses including Hadrian’s Wall Country, Kilfrost, AGMA and Northumberland National Park to name but a few. The Haltwhistle Walking Festival to website has everything you could wish for as well as a Facebook and a Twitter page for more information.

Site : www.haltwhistlewalkingfestival.org/

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Haltwhistle Centre of Britain website http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/haltwhistle-centre-of-britain-website/ http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/haltwhistle-centre-of-britain-website/#comments Sun, 13 Jun 2010 15:14:37 +0000 The Tourist http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/?p=232 One interesting website to look at in relation to Haltwhistle is the Haltwhistle Centre of Britain website which offers the latest news, views and opinions from around the area as well as local events and history about Haltwhistle. There are also some very interesting Haltwhistle photographs covering many years and giving a feel for how the town has developed in recent times.

This is just one of a number of websites covering Haltwhistle which are part of the Haltwhistle Partnership Community, a group of sites that have certainly had an impact upon tourism and the popularity of the area. Events such as the walking festivals, cycle trails and various tourist attractions in and around Haltwhistle are giving top billing by the website, something which is welcomed by local businesses.

The site itself has been designed to be user-friendly, easy on the eye and very simple to understand and navigate around.

Site :- www.haltwhistle.net/

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Haltwhistle First School http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/haltwhistle-first-school/ http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/haltwhistle-first-school/#comments Sun, 13 Jun 2010 15:07:29 +0000 The Tourist http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/?p=230 The Haltwhistle First School website is proving very popular amongst children and parents offering a chance to see exactly what the school has to offer, future events and a means of communication between the school and parents. This is a school which has been very prominent in the Haltwhistle community for many years and is obviously very important to children and parents alike.

The Internet has also proven to be a very useful means of showcasing the work of children from Haltwhistle schools which not only gives confidence to the children but also allows parents to see exactly what is going on. The Parent Teachers Association is also very prominent on the website and also plays a very important role in the development of the School, children and links with parents.

Haltwhistle first School
Woodhead Lane
NE48 9DP
Tel :- 01434 320 467

Website :- www.haltwhistle.northumberland.sch.uk/

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Haltwhistle Film Project http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/haltwhistle-film-project/ http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/haltwhistle-film-project/#comments Fri, 11 Jun 2010 11:42:29 +0000 The Tourist http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/?p=221 The Haltwhistle Film Project is based in the Haltwhistle main street and brings together filmmakers, artists and organisations in the film industry from the Northeast and the Northwest of England. The project offers training in film services and animation and is proving to be something of a godsend for many people looking to prosper in this particular sector.

The Haltwhistle Film Project has already been involved in commissioning a number of films across a wide range of subjects using the online medium to gain maximum exposure. There are many more different animations and films planned for the future and the project is going from strength to strength. The ability to pull together some of the best brains in the North of England and give them a platform on which to deliver their expertise and inspirations is proving priceless.

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Haltwhistle buses http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/haltwhistle-buses/ http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/haltwhistle-buses/#comments Thu, 03 Jun 2010 09:16:58 +0000 The Tourist http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/?p=214 Haltwhistle has a very comprehensive bus service run by the Arriva company taking in the full length and breadth of the A69 road. Haltwhistle buses run between Carlisle and Newcastle taking in such places as Brampton, Hexham and Corbridge to name but a few. The main Newcastle to Carlisle route is covered by the 685 service, Newcastle to Hexham by the 85 and X85 and the Brampton to Hexham service is the 185 bus.

There are a number of variations along the way taking in smaller villages between Carlisle and Newcastle which offer the chance to see some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK. Roman wall country is attracting more and more people, from not only the UK but from around the world, and tourist numbers have been increasing for many years. Even though places such as Haltwhistle may be out in the far-flung countryside of the UK it is well served by trains, buses and main roads.

Route planner : Arriva

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VisitNorthumberland.com promotes North of England tourism http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/visitnorthumberland-com-promotes-north-of-england-tourism/ http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/useful-websites/visitnorthumberland-com-promotes-north-of-england-tourism/#comments Thu, 24 Sep 2009 13:59:58 +0000 The Tourist http://www.haltwhistle.org.uk/?p=153 The VisitNorthumberland.com website is a one-stop website for those interested in visiting and touring the Northumberland region. It offers specific sections for regions of Northumberland, towns and villages, major attractions, activities and an array of events available in the region. This particular website is part of the official Northumberland tourist board and has access to most of the information you would require when visiting the region.

Our Haltwhistle.org.uk website fits in perfectly with the visitnorthumberland.com site and we have managed to gain a reciprocal link which we believe will be very useful in the future. While the visitnorthumberland.com website covers the whole region of Northumberland, we will be focusing our content and our efforts on the Haltwhistle region although we will be taking in the tourism attractions in the area and Hadrian’s Wall, which stretches from the north-east coast to the north-west coast.

This is just the first of a number of tie-ups we expect with regional tourist boards in the UK which will promote Haltwhistle businesses, Haltwhistle tourism and the area as a whole. We hope to announce a number of new cross marketing agreements in the short, medium and longer term as we look to increase the exposure of the website and local facilities.

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