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Planning permission granted in Haltwhistle

The Northumberland County Council has granted permission for a development on land at Greystonedale and Dale Park Road in Haltwhistle for up to 55 sheltered apartments and nine detached houses. The developer, Jason Parkinson, recently applied to have the original planning consent renewed as it was nearing expiry although the Haltwhistle Town Council wrote to the Northumberland County Council with objections. Continue Reading

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Time For George comes to Haltwhistle

The Time For George visitor centre is now open in Haltwhistle with children’s author Diana Bell fulfilling a lifelong dream. She is from a family very closely connected with the watch and clock industry for many years as her father ran the S G Ellis stores across the North of England. Since her father died 21 years ago at the relatively young age of 65 Diana has turned her hand to writing children’s books which have grown in popularity over the years. Continue Reading

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Blenkinsoppp Estate compared to Downton Abbey

The ongoing sale of the Blenkinsopp estate on the outskirts of Haltwhistle has been compared to popular TV programme Downton Abbey by an article in the Daily Mail today. The 22 acre site takes in a variety of houses, land with potential planning permission, a public house and Blenkinsopp Castle. It is certainly caught the attention of the UK media and today’s article in the Daily Mail is just one of many which has appeared over the last few days.

There are actually deeds of title associated with the Blenkinsopp estate which was bought for the pricey sum of £2000 back in 1955. This must be one of the shrewdest investments we have seen for some time and perfectly illustrates the growing influence of the tourism industry in the Haltwhistle area. It will be interesting to see which parties play their hand with regards to the sale and whether we will see an overhaul of the Blenkinsopp estate in the future. Continue Reading

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Blenkinsopp Castle for sale

Blenkinsopp Castle, which is part of the Blenkinsopp estate, has been put up for sale after 60 years in the hands of the same owner. The overall estate is available for £1.75 million although it has been split into two separate sales which include the caravan park, local pub and a house together with a second lot which includes 70 homes, a licensed the 74 residential caravans and planning permission for 11 holiday homes. The castle itself was bought back in the 1950s for the tiny sum of £2000 which is certainly an impressive return over the 60 years. Continue Reading

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Haltwhistle residents demand more CCTV cameras

Residents of Aesica Road in Haltwhistle are demanding an increase in CCTV cameras in their street after a bout of disorder in the area. This is not the first time the residents in Haltwhistle have asked for an increase in CCTV cameras although this particular demand should be looked upon unfavourably by the town council. It is an area of Haltwhistle which is particularly well used by those returning home from the local pubs and clubs and any evidence of unruly behaviour will surely mean that the authorities will need to act. Continue Reading

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Haltwhistle residents win battle over ambulance cover

When the North East ambulance service announced plans to replace Haltwhistle’s rapid response vehicle with a second urgent care ambulance residents were up in arms. There were serious concerns that the proposed vehicle would be ill-equipped to handle the rural roads in and around Haltwhistle and indeed that if ambulance cover was required elsewhere Haltwhistle would be left with no viable cover. Continue Reading

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Once Brewed to host ONE SHOW live event on Tuesday 20th of March 2012

The ONE SHOW will be transmitting a live broadcast from the Once Brewed, Military Road, Bardon Mill, Hexham, Northumberland, NE47 7AN (click here for a map) from 7 PM on Tuesday 20th March 2012 with local residents encouraged to turn up around 5:45 PM. Continue Reading

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Haltwhistle boundary changes attract public anger

Over 900 objections have been received by the Boundary Commission in relation to plans to change the Northumberland constituency of Hexham. Under the controversial plans Hexham would lose Ponteland East to Berwick and Haltwhistle and South Tynedale to the newly created Consett and Barnard Castle seat. It is difficult to understand why the proposals have been put forward when all political parties and all town councils, with the exception of Prudhoe town council, are against the plans. Continue Reading

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Cannabis farm found in Haltwhistle

cannabisThe Hadrian Enterprise Park in Haltwhistle was the recipient of a police visit on 16 February when acting on a tipoff a business unit was raided. A staggering 1,100 cannabis plants were found within the unit with a street value in excess of £200,000 as well as a variety of cultivation equipment and other paraphernalia.

It took a few days for the police to dismantle the operation due to the existence of asbestos and an electricity supply which was heavily overloaded for the heat lamps required to grow the cannabis. There were also a number of live wires throughout the building in what many saw as an amateurish attempt to break into the drugs industry in Northumberland. All of the plants in question have now been destroyed and while there have been no arrests so far, police are confident they will find the culprits and bring them to justice.

It is not clear exactly why Haltwhistle was used as a base for the cannabis farm and indeed it is not clear exactly how the police received their information. We can only hope that those who run the operation are found sooner rather than later and future ventures such as this are brought to a halt. Haltwhistle is no different from many rural locations across the UK with drugs now an integral part of society and police continuing to battle against the criminal fraternity. Whether this is a one-off cannabis farm or indeed it will lead to a whole string of similar operations remains to be seen but there is more to come from this particular story.

Some observers believe that the extreme amount of electricity required to run these particular operations will have at some point alerted the electricity company who may well have informed the police of their suspicions. However, at this point in time the people of Haltwhistle are only happy that the operation has been revealed and closed down.

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Haltwhistle Clock to be Digitised

main street rightFor those who have visited Haltwhistle you will no doubt be aware of the town’s famous clock which is situated on the side of the building which used to be the premises for the Clive Brown store. The clock has been there for many years now although unfortunately the building is being converted into flats and due to the size of the workings of the clock, which are held within the building, changes will need to be made. The clock will need to be digitised! Continue Reading

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