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performed and the thousands of lives which haA e been saved by

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spinal meningitis several years ago it was noted by

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gramme will include the following papers The Importance

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sel wall while the intervening parts remain unaffected. The affected

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and what quality of X ray should be applied for any particular part.

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is broken or the rescuer may hft the patient from the

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It has been urged that catgut must always remain an un

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One could not therefore in this manner determine anything

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draws attention to the frequent confusion between atheroma and

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vessels of the mucosa with numerous fresli hemorrhages. Post mortem diges

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adapted for the special needs of the cells in question. This change in

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panicles the branches infloreseene and under surface of the leaves

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CoUedtion in dreams we may fometimes ieem diftradled between con

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familiar to observant anatomists is that the head of

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regularity and ease than by any other method but that when the conductor

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mour has used this method in 20 cases. A curved Hagedom

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iQTcgularity of the Pulse in Tubercular Meningitis. Most authorities.

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rities to make regulations for all or any of the above named

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him for the loan of his forceps. It was at night a disagreeable

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