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carried out under a recent Act called the Criminal Injuries

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How about syphilis Have you ever seen a syphilitic child

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In prescribing glasses for high myopia two or three precautions are

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The following table divides the findings according to a different method

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ors that recur after thev have been removed are designated recur

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Of these symptoms one of the commonest is weakness of the

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changes in the bronchi which will be more conveniently referred to later

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both needle and wire were withdrawn. Bleeding followed but

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ments including transits levels plane tables solar compasses level and

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Early the next morning the Dr. returned and ascertained that

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mittee to profit by the experience of persons versed in

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a highly irradiated tissue one may find tracts of cytoplasm without trace of

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The action of the Long Island physicians we most heartily com

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breaks down into a mouse nibbled ulceration. In more

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Panic struck he kept himself a close prisoner to his

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Typhoid. The serum used in the vast majority of cases

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